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went to the silly doctors for my silly brain hohohoho


ok so i been meaning to go to the doctors in general cause i have MASSIVE memory gaps, like things leading up to a point, then blank, and then what happened right after that blank and theyre usually like 30 minutes worth of memory missing, so i was gonna be like

"SUP DOC... I GOT NO MEMORY B)" like hohoho silly brain moment

but no i guess its NOT just my brain being so silly, the doc referred me to a psychiatrist AND a neurologist 

i was like WHAAAAT but internally, not externally i cant let him know that i thought that was crazy

so NOW i gotta go make an appointment to see a neurologist and then the psychiatrist that he referred to me to

ill like make calls for the appointment another time tho

leaving my house has left me exhausted and now i am sleepyzz so im gonna like pass out on the bed for the next decade or somethin

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