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Im a little worried :[

Hey so I'm a little worried because my Gf (I'm a CIS Female btw) hasn't been answering my texts since yesterday (we haven't been texting a lot the past week and a half) and I'm bit worried because they sent me a picture of themselves and im like "omg you look good" and I complimented them and I texted them through the day because I saw some things on Pinterest that reminded me of them. They didn't answer and im thinking that I 1. Might be annoying them 2. They might think that im texting them because I said they looked good 3. They might not like me anymore.

 I'm worried and I almost cried but than I just called myself over dramatic and I've been sucking it up saying that "oh there's probably a logical reason behind it" but I'm still a bit worried.

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They just broke up with me, it's 11:11 pm right now and I'm on call with my two best friends and there trying to calm me down

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