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Yesterday was AWESOME!

I totally forgot to make a post! But so much happened yesterday! In the morning, that iconic D-Day plane flew over my house and I got some fantastic photos of it! Later on, there was a fire on a nearby hill and it brought tons of planes and helicopters who managed to put it out in a couple of hours. 

Even though a lot of houses and trees were in the way, I still managed to snap some photos of one of the planes and one of the helicopters. The plane still had that red dust staining the bottom of it, and the helicopter had a hige hose hanging out of it. It was so cool! 

Ah, but the grand event was at night, because at 9:09 PM, SpaceX launched a rocket. I got some okay-ish photos of it because it was REALLY hard to focus on a tiny fast-moving object at night, but it was extremely cool to watch! 

It looked like a glowing red meteor shooting up into the sky, before fizzling out and becoming a little white dot with a huge plume of white smoke behind it as it shot across the sky. One hell of a view....

Well, anyways, I just woke up an hour ago and I barely missed a T-38 jet flying overhead by mere seconds. Those things are so fast. It looks like it might be heading back this way sorta, so I'm going to try and snap a picture of it if it does....

Edit: Nope, I could hear it but I couldn't see it at all! Darn. It was 10,000 feet up and a bit far, so even if I were able to see it, it definitely wouldn't have shown up well on camera. Thing's moving at 370 knots.... Wow!

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