resources used for my profile layout (07.20.23)

hii.... i finally finished doing my profile layout ong... i swear it was like some sort of evil battlefield but i live to struggle or whatever so eh. anyway these are the resources i used for my current profile! ^_^ also i put no effort in customizing my blog layout so please. pay that no mind.


Customizable Polaroids (christiana) - probably my favorite (and a pretty underrated) layout out there!

lightblue n white theme (tilapia) - def recommend if you're looking for a cool looking layout that looks different from the default layout

MISCS / RESOURCE SITES - has a lot of codes that work on this site (except for the jvs ones, obviously) - cute pixels, divs, gifs and other stuff! also sorted by their color, so that's nice - also a graphics collection! also contains links to different resources.

other than that.. i used to erase backgrounds from pictures and to upload them

that's all!

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