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stuck in the wage cage + 1st week impressions

Work isn't eating my time and I'm feeling committed enough to write a second entry. Boo-freakin-yah!

...sorry, that was unnecessarily corny. It's been a little over a week since I have created my account on Spacehey. I wanted to briefly share my experience so far. It's been a delightful, yet, interesting, journey exploring this corner of the internet. 

I really like the smaller, lively community. You're able to get a damn good glimpse of their passions, interests, and creative flair just from a person's profile alone. Not a whole lot of drama in the more bigger, active groups either. Everyone seems to get along with each other fine on here. One thing has me curious, though? What's with the high presence of minors around here? Nothing against you kids (really, go crazy on here for all I care), but jeez! As an adult, I'd like to meet people in my age bracket, y'know? Anyway, that's really about it for that segment. Spacehey is pretty rad. Evangelion is still cool in 2023

Unfortunately this entry is going to take a somber turn starting from here. For awhile  my job was primarily deli work at a Walmart. And so, my beloved store manager decides that, on my day off, he wants to fire me. This schitzo pig 'claims' I exceeded the occurrence limit (the store's attendance policy is five absence per six-month period) but I had an occurrence point drop the day I decided to call out sick. I took his work for it initially until I checked my attendance log after I had already turned my work belongings in. It's really screwed up too because I put so damn much of my effort at that place than I honestly should have. Having to see my ex and being endlessly exploited by the higher-ups every day was agonizing, don't get me wrong, but I did excellent work as my initial deli role. Ah well, wasn't gonna work there forever lmfao. Now THAT'D be sad!

While I did have to scramble for a new job, the wait wasn't very long . I finished an interview at another retail chain, offering union and the same amount of pay for a seafood position. Thing is, I have an open door meeting with the store manager of Walmart tomorrow, but I'm wondering if that's even a good idea.  Even if I did get my job back, I'd be just as miserable and wouldn't be working there for very long. Guess it wouldn't hurt to see where it goes?

Amid the job-related craziness, the last couple of days have been huge eye-openers. I meed to put my creative skill-sets on high priority right now. I'm thinking I'll buy a notepad so I can physically write my ideas down and keep it on me when necessary. More creativity, less wagie work!

That's enough writing from me. I feel a headache coming on ^^

Keep the faith!

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Work and work culture fucking SUUUUCKS keep your head up high my friend I hope your next job treats you better.

And I think at the end of the day minors have more free time to be online lol I remember when I was in high school I'd come home and be on Tumblr until I went to bed every single day, and now even though I'm not even the busiest person in the world being online isn't as interesting as it was back then. Alas I'm glad theres other older people with shared interests on here

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