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so, i used to like this guy, right? well, actually i have no clue if i still like him or not. but, besides that, i need some advice about him. basically, we go to camp, and visit our countries festival we have every year for our holiday, and he's super nice, good with kids, cute ig, has an older sister that i'm best friends with, and he's pretty cool guy overall, right? we are the same age (i'm older by like, 2 months) and we have the same friends who are the same ethnicity at the camp and stuff. well, last camp, i confessed to him while we were alone ON THE FIRST NIGHT of camp... all he said was "what..?" and my friend came back from getting her phone, and we continued going back to our cabins and stuff. all of my friends know i like him btw, and his friends too. so, my friend messaged him, and asked him how he felt abt me. they talked abt it, and she showed me the texts, and he said that he thought i was weird, (and not in the good "weird" kind of way iykwim) and annoying sometimes. i was obviously upset abt this, and my other friends the next morning asked me what happened when i confessed, and blah blah blah. i told them, and they all sympathized for me. i didn't care anymore, but what really bugged me is my one friend, let's call her kim, and let's call my ex-crush chris. kim used to date chris, and chris basically was dating her for the title of having a gf, and whatnot, and they felt like there wasn't really a spark. so they broke up, right? but the thing is, even after breaking up, kim is still really close with chris, and it sometimes even feels like kim still likes him, even though chris already likes a different girl at his school. it's just complicated. and as well as this, chris's best friends, lets call them, jake and noah, both are really close friends of mine, and we enjoy talking to each other, and noah is my childhood friend, too. so, i'm really confused as to why chris does not like me as a person at all. please, give me your honest opinion and advice. also, i myself think this story is really just a bunch of crap, and i'm being over dramatic. 

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