Appointment at the Mental Hospital at the 25th

They'll probably give me a date to when they can take me in  

I'm really just planning to comply as much as I can, get the diagnosis I need and get out as soon as possible 

I have changed my mind about the whole school thing and I'm gonna take studying sciences seriously SO I need to be released before September so I can enter like anyone else and not be behind. I suck at catching up and would just give up so that's way better for me. 

And yes, it's a stay in facility where I live but I've been told it's an open concept where I can go out and visit family as long as I don't show signs of wanting to kill someone or whatever. But I do imagine they have bed times and curfews when I have to be back. 

I hope they don't have mandated together times like eating together I'd just feel awkward and probably pee my pants. 

Psychiatrist and I have been suspecting AUDHD which yes, don't need to be in the MH for that but I also have diagnosis up to debate for depression n shit like that so it's like a 2 in 1 deal. 

Wish me luck besties! 

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