women-only cafe :3

me, my second cousin, and our moms went to a cafe for girls 2day!! it was super fun and so cute. they had a nail salon, and a telephone booth to take pictures, with a fake phone inside as a prop. it was so adorable. the vibe of the place was so cool! i ordered lemonade and a donut with little hearts on it.  ( ˘▽˘)

im kind of sad though because tmrw morning my family is going on a month long vacation which means we won’t be in the same city as the cafe :(( i feel like i just discovered the perfect place to grab a snack and do my homework, but it’s been taken away from me before i can even go twice!! at least when we come back, a month from now, i can return head there again. (ง'̀-'́)ง

im really excited about the vacation though.

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I hope your vacation is fun :D

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Andriana !! ✩˚౨ৎ

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That sounds so cute 💖

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Damn that's the 2nd time in my 4 months in spacehey that I read a blog and it wasn't a vent or something super depressing
Good job/p

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