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Spacehey updates

Life sucks but if I focus on tech all day it makes it a bit better

I try not to talk about my life too much on here for the sake of anonymity. But by spending all day on my laptop I’ve been able to distract myself with making changes to my profile and general computing shenanigans.

I recently had to do a fresh install of Ubuntu on my laptop because I somehow broke the networking stack on 23.04 and couldn’t figure out how to get back onto the net. So now I’m on 22.04, not because I don’t think I can replicate how I broke it on here but because I was tired of my OS looking like stuff was thrown together. (because it was, I started off with a Mate install and then tried to install the Vanilla Gnome desktop) The old install was acting weird. Even though it looked Vanilla, w.e I did on that install made the touchpad gestures stop working. Now on 22.04 that’s working perfectly. In general it seems like it’s a bit more responsive and cohesive.

I’m still trying to get a really well equipped Windows XP VM for when I feel like going for the nostalgia trip but my main focus right now is really programming. Linux can always use new software and I want to try to contribute in what ever way I can. HTML is just a hobby of mine and I appreciate the universe for having jammed that into my head because I have a way better grasp of it now than I did back in the MySpace days. But offline software is useful too. I’m still not sure what language is going to be the one I stick to for long term. For now I’m reading a book my friend wrote on KamilaLisp (she actually wrote the book and the language herself) and I’m using Mimo for learning Python. I hope to at some point learn how to make old Windows programs. Considering the fact that apps from Windows 1.0 still work in modern Windows using compatibility mode maybe I can start from the very beginning and then work my way up. I certainly don’t want to start from the newest Windows because that would require running a W10 VM and my laptop can barely handle an XP VM.

Anyway I’m just glad to be back to writing regular blog posts. If anyone wants to talk to me on Matrix, I made my own space with rooms. The link is on my profile ^.^

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