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〘 07 ⋆ 14 ⋆ 2042 〙

Subject: 2042

I find myself immersed in a realm of sights and experiences hitherto unknown and unexpected. A sense of trepidation accompanies me as I traverse this vibrant cityscape, teeming with an overwhelming multitude of people. The abundance of bustling activity conjures an unsettling notion, leading me to question the authenticity of my surroundings, almost akin to a surreal simulation.

My journey commences at the mental airport, a peculiar term to describe a place of arrival, where I am met with an astonishing sight—the graceful spectacle of flying cars traversing the skies above.

  • To the right lies a quaint restaurant, devoid of a conventional roof, but instead, adorned with a miniature plastic canopy. The laughter of people resonates, as they indulge in confections and savor aromatic coffee, creating an ambiance of camaraderie.
  • In the center of this captivating cityscape, an expanse of people traverses in an orderly manner. An enigmatic train station stands before me, defying conventional expectations with its inviting accessibility, rendering it more akin to an artful integration within the urban landscape.
  • On the left, a mysterious edifice looms, shrouded in secrecy, drawing curiosity as I observe suited individuals making their way inside. My assumptions point towards a center of commerce and business, though the true nature of its activities eludes my understanding.

Finding solace within my technological prowess, I seek respite in the comfort of my apartment. Yet, to my astonishment, gazing out of the window reveals an entirely different panorama—an imposing skyscraper envelopes me, a testament to architectural marvels, with flying cars navigating the bustling aerial thoroughfare. The ever-present specter of potential collisions imparts a sense of vulnerability, underscoring the commonality of such occurrences.

Despite the marvels of this technologically advanced world, my fascination remains tethered to the allure of the present. The year 2042 holds untold promises, yet in the present moment, this enigmatic city beckons with its allure. The prevalence of technology offers a glimpse of hope, as cybercrime seems to have been tempered—for now.

〘 07/24/2042  ⋆  18:08 〙

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