The girl of my dreams/nightmares (Storytime)

One day like any other i wake up and i realized that i have the same dream/nightmare, is the three time than i dream with she. 

"She" (Yes, I'll call her that way 'cause I still don't know what name to give her, could you give me ideas of what to call her? whatever, continuing with the story...)

She's a little girl, or that's what i think, she didn't look like an adult 

She had a very white skin, too white and she had very long blond hair, so beautiful, she had a long dress that was also white and had pastel pink details and embroidery, the dress reached a little past her knees., her hands and feet were whiter than her skin and looked blurry, she didn't walk, it looked like she did but in fact she levitated a bit, she still looked smaller than me in height, she also did not wear shoes. 

She was and is the most beautiful girl in the world for me, i swear i fell in love with her as soon as i saw her...✰

But... there was something about her that made her different and special (another reason why I love her) 

She had no eyes...♰ 

Seiously, she had no eyes, and the eye socket looked dark, totally black, a pure and intense black and around it was also black, the closer to his "eyes" he was, the blacker it was, the black even reached his forehead and nose, also a bit of his cheeks and the further away from his eyes the black was still just as intense but it was seen as blurry, just as he passed with his hands and feet. 

She only appeared in the forest at night, there were no lights but the moonlight was so intense that you could see everything well and the lights were not necessary, in addition to transmitting an amazing calm and tranquility despite her face, although the rest of her face was beautiful, her lips and ears, a bit of her forehead and cheeks was beautiful... 

Almost forgot to say it, she didn't speak, she never spoke or moved her mouth...

I dreamed of her three days in a row but I don't remember what happened in those dreams, I only half remember the last one

In the last dream she and I were walking through the forest as usual under that intense moonlight that allowed us to see everything and we went up a hill and after that we took some bikes and went riding downhill, she was faster than me and after I lost sight of her I saw other children appear that looked like spirits or something, they passed very fast and then I went further and when I arrived there was only her in front of a lake and I turned to look and her face and body looked beautiful illuminated with moonlight and then I woke up. 

Nothing strange happened in those dreams despite her face.

Dreams with her were very calm and relaxing. 

But I find her appearance curious/strange, especially her face/eyes.

But hey, after that I never dreamed of her again and now I only have her memory and I'm still in love with her, it was so beautiful to be there with her, even if she didn't say anything it was beautiful...✰

And yes, that was my dream/nightmare...

(Something that always happens in my dreams is that I usually dream the same thing 3 days in a row but doing different things) 

And that is the end of this blog, thanks for reading, if you want to talk about weird dreams and more you can do it in the comments or by sending a message to me. Apart from English I also speak Spanish and a little Portuguese and French but very little.

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