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Just Enough

I know you want to tear me open. I can't help knowing you'll do it best. I feel my vision blur as your ice cold hands touch my melting chest. I could struggle and fight and bite but I'm waiting to see what happens. I want you to want me enough. Just enough I just want it enough.

 You're rearranging my holy temple. Anything if it's closer to you. I know it isn't love. but maybe if lose a few more senses and pray for it, really pray for it, it could feel like love. 

It doesn't matter what you're taking out. Probably what you hate about me. I'll mold myself for you, bleed for you, cry for you, let red run for you, if only you'd look at me with a little less pity. 

This isn't love because love is too shallow. I want you to make me be one with you. I want to go limp in your arms and let you do whatever you want. It isn't a fantasy, I trust you so much. I want you to tell me you love me. The words don't come easily though I know they're there. 

You pull out your hands and some other gooey things. None of it matters. As you leave the room, I begin to sew myself back together. It's a funny thing to see my heart on a table

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