The Internet was a Mistake

When I first discovered the Internet in the mid to late 90s as a kid I thought it was a magical place. When I got my first computer in 2005 a whole new world was opened up to me. The concept of the internet was amazing. I remember going to Addicting Games, Newgrounds, Old YouTube and other video sites, Deviantart and Furaffinity. It was fun free and people were allowed to say and do what they want without worry, but as the years and decades has gone by it's gone down a path that I am not happy about. Corporate interest, Sites catering to Normies, App Culture, Everything has to be politicize now, everything gets your cancelled now, Things that were fun and normal are now treating as they are the worst thing ever. Its horrible

and don't get me started on the awful sterile websites of today. Endless scrollers, Algorithms, Telemetry, Spying etc. The internet was a mistake and I miss the times before the internet where I was free.

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"sigh" the issue is most of those fun little niche sites are now gone and everyone is expect to hang out at a few websites created by corporations.

i miss when making your own homepage was encouraged, and forums were more active and traditional blogging

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Chandler Giovanna 💋

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I agree with you 100%

The internet had a nice charm to it back in 2005-2009, especially with how websites look right now, bleh. (I prefer the old blocky look). I hate seeing how people act nowadays on the internet, when it comes to doxxing and god forbid if someone disagrees them on something. But yeah, I miss the old internet too and I hope it goes back to being like that someday.

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andrew covell

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I don't think internet was a mistake more so just it became too popular for it's own good I don't think I could survive in a world without it but I certainly am not a fan of what it's become either alot of that being partly due to governments feeling the need to control it just like they control everything else

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