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Something I find kinda cool

I think it's pretty cool that my mom had a MySpace page when she was around my age, and now I'm here on SpaceHey doing the same things she did when she was younger. I was very excited to show her my page (that I spent an hour on trying to figure out how to autoplay music on it without realizing I had the video I was embedding on mute the entire time..) and she liked it! She also pointed out my blinkies and told me she used to do that, too. I am very happy right now :)

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Honestly had the exact same thought! Like our parents got to go online and be as cringe as they wanted, and now we get to do the same in our own way. It's awesome this site exists

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I know!!! It's like connecting with the golden era of the internet that existed before I was old enough to even know what the internet was. That's why Spacehey and Neocities are my fav sites ever!!! Also, my mom also used to go raving and she told me that she would grab headphones and put on techno music and put them on her belly when she was pregnant with me, which may be a reason why I'm so obsessed with techno now loll

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