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some more obscure music reccomendations

cuz i love music i'll put a little list of bands i like that i dont hear ANYONE talking about and basically just me and my dad like

(linked in the band/artist names is an album of theirs i like)

i'll add more along time.. also feel free to make suggestions.. i'll add them if i like them, lol

- helen love: indie pop, wales

- terry malts: indie rock/punk, california

- papa topo: indie pop, spain

- shop assistants: indie pop, scotland

- april march: indie pop, new york

- let 3: punk rock, croatia (you might know these guys if you watched eurovision, lol)

- to my boy: electronic, england

- mccarthy: indie pop(?), england

also these guys are super popular in portugal but nobody ever talks about them anywhere else, so i'll mention them here! gnr! alternative rock/new wave/pop rock whatever! portugal! love em!!!

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