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The bittersweetness of your favorite songs becoming popular

It's funny when your favorite songs blow up on TikTok. It feels so weird that a song that used to feel like yours is suddenly everybody's. It's hard not to feel possessive over it in a way. For example one of my favorite songs since it came out 5 years ago is Blue Hair by Tv Girl. I used to show it to people but now I feel like I can't talk about loving it because people will assume I found it from TikTok when really I've been a fan of the band since 2017 and fell in love with the song when I first listened to the Death of a Party Girl album when it came out. I actually made a shitty art piece based off it in 2018. I feel snobby saying that though. Like it's cool if you found a great song through TikTok and I'm happy other people like it too. For the hell of it, though, I'm going to talk about the song. 

I've always viewed it as a queer story. A lot of Tv Girl songs take on a different narrator's perspective and I like seeing them through a female lens. Blue Hair, especially I think, benefits from that reading for me. The blue hair represents the love interest's rebellious youth and cutting it off is her "growing up" to be with "a boy who acts his age". Thinking of it from a sapphic perspective though, the blue hair is a girl who is with other women when she's young and sees it as some fun but feels that she has to end up with a man and this is told from the pov of a girl who loved her. It becomes a really tragic and relatable story for me. I also love the connection in the song to the other TV Girl song: The Blonde. Both songs use a blonde hair color as a metaphor for being "the right kind of woman" and different colors of hair as deviating from that standard. In Blue Hair the love interest ends up going back to blonde in the end and is said to be seen as a "dumb blonde" no matter what she does even with her blue hair. I see that as her being traditionally attractive and straight passing and she didn't want to be seen that way but eventually gives in to what's expected of her and leaves the woman who loves her behind. I also think they stayed friends bc of the line "I guess I'll just miss her even though she isn't even really gone, things are just different ever since she cut her blue hair off" which is very much the stereotype of lesbians trying to stay friends with an ex. (Such a hard hitting line too :-:) Anyway I just really love this song and wanted to talk about it and also talk about how weird it feels to have seen it go viral. I've been hesitant since it blew up to say it's one of my favorite songs but it really is. <3  

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megan ₊‧°𐐪♡𐑂°‧₊

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THIS IS SO RELATABLE and exactly how i felt with duvet by boa, gilded lily by the cults, a burning hill by mitski and sm more… i like seeing songs get recognized but sometimes when they get viral its ruined for me bc i cant listen to it in the same way!!

also love ur interpretation of blue hair- the line “with a boy who acts his age” hits SO DIFFERENT now…shes a victim of comphet!

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I’m glad you get my interpretation I wasn’t sure if I explained it well haha. Also those are some really beautiful songs I can imagine it would be weird to hear them in a bunch of random tiktoks if you had emotions attached to them. Thanks for reading my blog post btw ^3^~♡

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