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Where I've Been!!

What happened while I lost my computer!

Alright, So I haven't been active on space hey for a few days because I lost my computer as is stated above this lol. Well nothing super exciting has happened since my last blog. I have no memory of Saturday. On Sunday I hung out with a few of my friends. We went on a walk around the neighborhood, watched a scary movie, ate, and played Roblox. Throughout the days of my mini break I've listened to a lot of music as always. Oh yea! I've found a new way to do my makeup that I like much better than what I was doing before. Been doing a lot more skin care as well, I really want to get my skin as clear as possible before school starts again. Also I've been drinking a lot more water which I hope will help a little too. But yea, nothing much has really happened, lol! I'll be sure to blog about it when something does happen though! Maybe someone will read this, idk. Bye cuties!!!!

-Love Sydney

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ur werid phillp

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Ace 🐠🫧

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Yeah I was wondering why you were inactive lol

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