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5 current favorite deresute solos !!

one thing i rlly love abt cinderella girls SS/deresute is that so many of the voiced girls have their own solo character songs ^w^ there are a ton within the series but here are 5 of my favs that i actually like enough to listen to rn :3c (in no particular order!!)


this is honestly SUCH a strong debut solo for akari, i think this one is my fav among the unique voices girls (who are all relatively new additions to the game's cast) ^^ its just so damn cute LOL i have been known to loop it for a bit when i wanna keep my motivation up !!


this may be my fav among solos i like for the actual song, it is sooo relaxing and pretty :) another one i play a lot if i want relaxing BGM with an idol finish... i feel like its so good for inori too, very elegant with a pretty japanese flair ^^ shes one of my favs among the cool idols, i love her references to japanese folklore!!


ok sooo i am a shikiP so this is maybe biased but i love this song LOL it is sexy, mysterious, and playful just like shiki and i LOVE how the instrumental picks up at the chorus it just makes me want to dance lol. plus i love that she sprays pheromones on the audience and is reminding us of that in this song ^w^


ok so mika actually has two solos and i love them both im a tokimeki escalation defender until death (mostly for nostalgia's sake) but of them nudie is def the better one. its so girlypop just like mika herself and like dont u just wanna sing along like NUDIEEEE anyways i love mika on her girlypop shit constantly <3 i feel like her whole brand is so im@s and i love it hehe and so is this song


.........goofy ass song. this song is so overwhelming im ngl but i cosplay riamu and shes my babygirl so i have to plug it. also the only im@s song i've learned (part of) the dance to!! im so fucking sorry for being a not-noob fan and still being a riamuP shes just so fucking funny LMAO,,, im ngl when this song first came out i was like ok her design is so cute but idk if i can stan this girl with this awful song but then i listened to it so much i liked it and i listen to it on my way to work and school <3 win

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