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nazism in black metal

Honestly, I just can't stand it any longer.

I grew up as a queer teen in artistic leftist spaces. Being in a community where facism is not only tolerated but SYMPATHIZED with and CELEBRATED? It really wears on you over the years no matter how much you try to fit in.

For a genre that criticizes organized religion, it's really wild to then go be nazi. Thought this genre was about hatred and misanthropy, not the love and saving of the white race lol

I dated a nazi, I monetarily supported nazis, I defended their music on the principle that you should seperate art from the artist, but I feel like that's starting to just not apply to a LARGE majority of black metal, and aiding the spread of their awful ideologies.

2 days ago I was watching an nsbm band on stage and I just got such a feeling of patheticness for the band itself and the clueless priveledged middle aged balding white guys headbanging to it. It hit me how bad I felt for wasting 10€ on a ticket to watch clowns perform. Right the day before I had been at an antifa punk show and generally just felt MILES better there like I wasn't walking on eggshells anymore. Was like being in art school again, a time of my life I enjoyed a lot.

The amount of people I've witnessed first hand slipping into nazi pipelines, INCLUDING MYSELF, over this culture is worrying. And then you're mocked and shuned for pointing it out... it's so bizarre. 

I could continue rambling, but do I even need to for my reasoning to be understood? If I do, I feel sorry for this generation.
Silence is a part of the problem.

Nazis are cowards and anyone that turns a blind eye to them

Anyway I feel like I'm gonna start exploring other genres like punk or other subgenres of metal less nazi infested. I love black metal to death but godamn I can't stand these people anymore.

Gonna disable comments cause I don't care what people have to say about this + just wanted to share my experience

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