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Thin Flesh - TRAITRS

It has been a little while since I covered an alternative band. So I thought I would take us back to the Gothic. TRAITRS are a Cold wave band from Canada.This song starts with a simple drum beat before bringing in the guitars and synths. Then before the music begins, they play the drums, and when you expect the drum beat, they play the synths slightly louder. This is a tiny thing, but it really helps create the song. These small, unnoticeable changes can change a lot about the song, which is such an interesting part of the music. The heaviness of the instrumentation in their songs creates a dark feeling, making the song feel mysterious and ominous. I'm going, to be honest. Usually, I can come up with a meaning for the lyrics within songs. But for this one, I can't really come up with one. All I can tell is that the singer sounds pained by something 'Thin Flesh bleeds outside the soul' and repeatedly says 'It won't let go', suggesting this person is being dragged back by something. Perhaps this is a metaphor for mental health struggles. I'm unsure, and I would love to know what other people think about this song. The lyrics are a bit like a poem, and perhaps I'm just not in a place to see its meaning yet. That being the case, I still appreciate the song and hope you will too. In addition to this piece, since I wrote it in 2020. I would say the more I listened to this song, the more I felt it was about losing someone. "I've seen you around town, heard your name", and "My last words you'll never know". It's the feeling of the past haunting you, the ghost of the person who was a massive part of your life but now acts as if it were nothing. The words will be taken to the grave because it's too late to say them to the person. "Thin flesh bleeds outside the soul" Might mean the hurt of heartbreak, or even the flesh of the heart, as many people believed the soul once lived there. Plus, hearts are very fragile and can be known to bleed during heartbreak.I hope this piece was an excellent introduction to TRAITRS if you haven't heard of them before. I would also really appreciate it if you would like my articles if you would be willing to share my work with people you think would be interested.

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