Dragon Ball Z Films

Despite the subpar writing of many of the DBZ films, they're really nostalgic to me. Some of my favorite memories I have as a kid are of watching the DBZ movies on a portable DVD player during long roadtrips, particularly the Lord Slug and Broly films. I went absolutely insane over the False Super Saiyan transformation, a scene which still never gets old. And while the reasoning for Broly meeting the Z fighters felt off, the film picks up very well after the introductions... If only Broly had any actual character, like he does in the Super Broly film.

From an unbiased perspective, Wrath of the Dragon and Fusion Reborn are definitely the best DBZ films. But as a kid, my favorites were Lord Slug and Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan. Honestly, I think the American soundtracks are what drew me to those films in particular. Those films have the best licensed music of any DBZ films, not including the History of Trunks TV special. Or maybe it was just the flashy fights, which caught my attention more than the main fight in Fusion Reborn due to the longer screentime.

Anyways, this is just some silly ramble. Sorry for any typos. :)

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