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Stupid hot weather

I was so hungry last night. I almost ordered pizza. But I got up early today to get some groceries. They didn't have any chicken noodle soup wtf? Got a wrap and a Redbull and ate it on the roof. There was still dog poop on the roof. FML. Sat up there trying to plan things and think my life through. Its supposed to get super hot today. Can't wait till all the trees look dead and I am in a cozy hoodie and the sun is buried in clouds. It all seems so far away. 

Every day I am mad that I am stuck here. I just want a normal life. It doesn't have to be freaking magical but it doesn't have to be cursed either. 

I have black lipgloss arriving today since the heat will melt my lipstick or I fear it would. 

I hope to foggy days on the beach and finding a dead whale rotting and it will be my friend. I will talk to it each day and watch it decompose little by little as time goes by. Maybe even rip off a piece of flesh for a snack and I will die next to it. We shall rot together and it will be months before anyone finds our bodies. Seagulls will peck at us til we are just bones. Better than dealing with my stupid roommates. 

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