i luv my ibsf

i love my ibsf sososososososos much!!! he means so much to me!!!! idk what i would do without him,, he is sososos special to me,, i hope that one day he could jsut understand how great of a person he is, he rlly is my #1 for me!! i mean all of this in a platonic way. i hope that one day i can see him irl and we could have the best time of our lives together!! i just can’t express how happy he makes me feel and just aaahaskkdxbalalsbxozowbwpdfuwpdjsl i am so happy when he’s around!!!!! i love you so much real sealboy!!!:333

   - real sealgirl:3c

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this is the cutest read ever

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aww tysm!! also luv ur korilakkuma pfp!

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thank u ^^

wishing u n ur ibsf an amazing day!!

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