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my hero academia makes me so angry

No hate if you like it just hear me out. 

So let’s go back in time 3 years ago I went through my first ever anime phase including Naruto, death note and Hunter x Hunter and also including My hero. At first I was obsessed I loved it and I simped for all the character and I watched every season there was. I even played this switch game that was like smash bros I was obsessed. Then I finished the show new episodes were coming out but I just figured I would wait til a lot of them came out so I could binge it. During this time I introduced the show to my cousin who we will call Q, now my cousin Q is a few years younger than me and I could tell looked up to me in a way so Q was a bit impressionable. Not long after I introduced Q to my hero Q also became obsessed much more than I did. (I love my cousin btw) After my hiatus on my hero did I soon discover the fandom of people that made me hate myself for liking the show in the first place. No hate to anyone in that community but if you asked someone who didn’t watch anime what the worst anime community is you know exactly which one they would say. All I can say is just please wear deodorant it helps so much. But it’s really when you get to the fanficton, the fanart, the ships and all the pure cringe that my hero has to offer. 

That was when I stepped down and completely stopped all together now I don’t care if you say I did it because I’m a basic tik tok girl but idc. After that it ruined the show for me and also it got boring, so yell at me all you want but I am no longer in association with it. Some one once told me that if I liked it I wouldn’t care what other people did or said about me but that wasn’t the case I just lost interest and looked to different anime’s that I enjoy much more. 

Btw of you want to know some of my favorite anime’s are:

Kamisama kiss, Soul eater, and cowboy bebop that are more than that but those are just a taste. 

Bye lovely beautiful babes. 

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