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why is it that ' Yaoi ' is so popularized and not ' Yuri'? ! I've noticed that when searching for yuri manga/animes it's super difficult but its soo easy to find Yaoi anime/manga but why? why is it more popular and more easy to find yaoi than yuri? surely they both should be as popular as each other right ? 

Also ! why is it that more WOMEN wanna watch/read yaoi despite yaoi being aimed towards gay men ? ive genuinely never seen an actual gay man that likes yaoi as the only yaoi enjoyers ive come across are women and i find really odd that this is the case. 

- please respond if you think you might know why because its so frustrating looking for yuri and having barely any results shows up ! thank youu 

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Sorry to break it to you but it actually turns out that straight women create YAOI for other straight women????? idk why bruh

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It also has something to do with Forbidden Love (AKA if they cant procreate its forbidden) that's why a lot of people watch incest porn its forbidden therefore exciting although same gender sex isn't forbidden they cant procreate that's probably why women like it so much

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yuki rosemoon

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honestly, i think its homophobia, or lesbophobia. more girls should watch yuri. also apparently a lot of trans guys are into yaoi, so go figure. i think ppl should just enjoy more queer foreign media. :>

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ME-TAN 🍀⌨️

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fujoshis r like 70% of fem anime watchers XP and men prefer irl yuri (or lesbian pron LMAO)
although many regular girl slice of life animes have yuri hidden in them , like for example ichigo mashimaro or lucky star

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Is It OkAy If Im A gIrL aNd I lIkE yUrI/gIrL lOvE???

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Straight women love yaoi as much as straight men love lesbian porn.

I guess straight people find it hot to watch 2 people of the opposite gender get on each others or smth

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I also wonder on this topic, I have no idea why they really like yaoi and stuff, my cis bi friend likes gay couples cause she thinks they're cute but I have no idea if she sexualizes them or something, very confusing ┐( ̄ヘ ̄;)┌

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because most women fetishize gay men and gay relationships in anime

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do you have ideas on why this is ?

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i think it's a morbid idealisation of gay relationships and the way the sexualise them too

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