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I'm ill help me


So i was doing work for a week at a nursery, and at the beginning the manager of the place let me know that I should expect to be ill by the end of the week because little children = disease and you know hen you know that it can happen but also not because "it wouldn't happen to me"? yeah i thought that and now here I am unable to stand up

anyway I'm convinced hypnosis wouldn't work on me because it just don't make sense and there's just no way that it could control me but i don't know enough about it so idk

my body hurts so much but I have coursework to be doing what am I supposed to do

I had a specific thing to write about but I've forgotten so all you're gonna read is all the things that just come into my headĀ 

ok I've finished thinking for now, thank you for being here!!

- Mimo

okay so I looked back on this because I was bored and I'm literally so flabbergasted what was ill me on about

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