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Holy shittt I'm back LMAO

So yeah, I'm back. I randomly remembered that I made this profile or that spacehey even existed at all loll :P so silly. A lot has happened up until now that I didn't write about as I originally wanted to basically 2 years ago, since I'm 17 now.
I won't really recount much since the present is just as eventful tbh.

I LIKE A GIRL. And she likes me back. Shitty thing is, it's online and as much as I love to make fun of online relationships, this ain't no longer that funny LOLL. She wants to meet and idk. I really want to but just the whole meeting rests on me, I'm the one supposed to fly, I'm the one supposed to do, well, everything. I want to meet her, really badly. What hurts is she doesn't even want to put a label on us yet. If at all. I get it, she wants to meet first but it's not like I can take a train and I'm there, it's far more complicated. And tbh I don't know if I want to save up for months, convince my parents to let me and fly out to meet someone I've known for 6 months. Well, a year by the time I would.

And she keeps reminding me we're just friends as she continues to call me all cute names and doing romantic things.. like girl you're just playing with my heart at this point. Like me or not that still hurts so much, to have such a nice lovely conversation only to be hit with "remember, we're just friends" like.. :( don't talk to me like that then please. I love her but that messes me up.

Idk. Just needed to write that out more or less. I'll try to do my lil diary blogs justice now even if I didn't over a year ago.

Mwah, coolest person on earth signing off T-T

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