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this is an excuse to talk about my favorite playlists that i made on spotify 

^ this is my favorite playlist, i listen to it all the time. it's basically an amalgamation of all of the music i am currently into/was into, it started out with a purpose on youtube a few years ago but then i decided it was my junk playlist lolz

i need to change the name and clean it up its so messy omg (someone tell me to do this plz and ty)

^ this is the playlist i listen to to sleep (hence the name lolz)

my dad used to play fleet foxes when i was a kid to get me to calm down enough to sleep and now they are a comfort band. i listen to this playlist when it's too quiet, i'm too anxious to sleep, or my tinnitus is too loud

^ this is my bimbo/scene playlist?? i guess is the best way i can explain this

i tried to keep a general theme to it and it went a little bit off track i think but i think i managed to get it back

if anyone has any music recommendations lmk!!

okay byeeee

over and out >:3

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