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my very first blog entry!!!

hi friends!!!

i'm so excited to have my first very own blog! when i was in elementary school, i would look at the blog posts on dorkdiaries.com because i was super obsessed with the book series. while writing this blog entry now, i was randomly reminded of that website for the first time in a while. so i went on the wayback machine to see what the site looked like when i would use it, and i found my old comments on the blog posts there!!! 

my old comments from when i was 12 <3 almost exactly a decade ago

the donut picture is so nostalgic hehe  

the timing of finding these old internet relics of past taylor right now is super perfect. i've just started reading books again for the first time since back when i was obsessed with dork diaries! i read everyone in this room will someday be dead and a couple random sapphic graphic novels. reading is so cool!!!!! i can't wait to find more books, series, and authors that i love! 

if anyone has any recommendations for me to read, please feel free to share . . . 

thanks for reading my first blog entry!  i'm gonna have so much fun on spacehey.com and maybe in the future, 32 year old taylor (woah) can read my blog posts and feel nostalgic all over again!!!

that's all for now. have a wonderful day! 

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