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there are so many good reasons why i would be a great parent! first reason is that i love kids and even if they arent real or are not mine i will treat them as my own, i learn from my family how to take care of kids bu treating them much better than how i am being currently treated, kids will always have their most important needs being taken care of as they will never yearn for food or water and will always have good hygiene. Kids shall never have to be afraid to tell their parents/guardians stuff, i am constantly afraid of my own but my kids will always think of me as trustworthy, i will support them through thick and thin and be there when their therapist cant i will be the cool mom that almost everyone likes, even ya mom will like me 😏. Learning will never be an issue as i will give them the most awesome learning skills via the internet 🤭. I can cook so i will prepare the most delicious mac and cheese ever, food is my passion and having a bunch of kids will not stop me. These are some pretty great reasons on why you should consider me being a parent wether the kids are real or not (idc if the kids r older than me i will still be a kewl mom)

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