Things you should/probably don't know about me!

(I will add more if I think of any!)

1. I might be quiet in calls or shy, I'm not the greatest with socializing on calls! I might leave calls too because I'm not used to calling people for a long time! Sorry if i sound rude or if I'm not understanding anything!

2. I had mentioned this before but i have a weird pinkie! It's born bent! I think it was called a jointless pinkie, not sure tho!

3. I will forget sometimes and I'm sorry if I don't remember you or your pronouns OR anything else!!

4. I have 7 disorders! Autism is my favorite lol!!

5. I cosplay! Not very often but i do!! (Check out this video I made of one of my cosplays if you want to see one!)

6. I love drawing/coloring with crayons!! They make me super happy!

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