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some music recs


☆ this song is just so pretty to me its crazy. it reminds me of something you would play during a late night drive while youre in your feelings about someone. moa has a nice voice that really adds to the song's message <3

★。・: ISOLATED by chiasm

☆ if you've ever played vampire the masquerade: bloodlines, you both know this song and the energy it has. the instrumental sounds like something you would've heard in the club scenes of 1998's "blade" and chiasm's vocals in this >>> the lyrics themselves are also top-tier too!!

。・: エレクトロ・ワールド - ALBUM MIX by perfume

☆ a cute pop EDM track with soft vocals. to be honest, this song sounds like something i would've heard from the vocaloid community back in the 2000s, which is probably why i love it so much lmao <3 

。・: ROCKER'S HIGH by devsisters, lee juseung

☆ lee juseung has such a great voice, it matches incredibly well with the rock instrumental of the track. i could listen to this and the [rock battle ver.] on repeat forever. both songs are so different but give the same amount of serotonin <3


☆ purely instrumental track of the gothic synthpop genre that sounds like something that could've been heard in old-school games like castlevania and final fantasy. literally such a gorgeous song, i could [and have] listen to it on repeat while drawing.

。・: HEART SUTRA by tamachang

☆ like the name implies, the heart sutra is a sutra from mahayana buddhism, but this was performed by vocaloid software <3 honestly, when i listened to this for the first time, i was absolutely blown away by the beauty. it's powerful and entrancing fr!!

。・: CHANGGWI by ahn yeeun

☆ this song is literally one of my favorites by ahn yeeun. turning a horror play into a song is something that only she'd be capable of doing, especially with her vocal range and how expressive she is while singing. it's absolutely GORGEOUS and gets your heart racing <3

。・: ROSE (FT. SUMIN) by bewhy

☆ honestly i would recommend any of bewhy's music, he's such a talented rapper, but this song. THIS SONG. jesus fuck. literally everything about it is perfect. sumin's voice is pure gold on this track, she compliments bewhy so well.

。・: DAYDREAM DIMENSIONS by lucy loone

☆ i really love the instrumental to this song so much, i was obsessed with it for like. an entire month when i first heard it. lucy's voice really fits with the message of the song and i just like how she sounds <3

。・: INSOMNIA by shinee

☆ literally what are you doing with your life if you havent heard this song already. genuinely the most enchanting side-track i've heard on any album, taemin, minho and onew's vocals literally have me levitating while key's rap?? falling to the ground sobbing and aching. 

anyway bye go listen to these songs NEOW!!!

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