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pierced uppppppp

oh my gosh u gais????? mom and dad let me get a tounge piercing today !!!! :DDD

it hurt like a bitchhh but i was determined to do it so i jusst thuged it out, i look so cool now like whaaaat. and im also gonna dye my hair blue before school starts again + get long hair extensions. the glow up will be LETHAL. the only bAd thing is i cant eat and when i do it hurts SOOOO bad but i got the piercing yesterday at like 12 am so its rlly fresh. these piercings heal so fast and every1 says it'll feel normal in about a week and a half so its so worth it!!:33

dad is also buying me a car for my birthday in october so life really slays rn

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oh em gee that’s so cool!!!1!1 i used to want my tongue pierced but i’m too chicken

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