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STRANGE WORLD sure was a movie

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some Strange World thoughts :-)

so, the 2022 animated disney movie that flopped hard at the box office, huh? i finally watched it and people weren't lying: it's not all that good. 

the movie wasn't really able to get me interested in this story of generational trauma like Encanto or Turning Red were. the characters were fine but it was all so dull and boring. i liked the LGBTQ+ rep and i thought that the plot twist at the end was cool, but that's about it.

it also really got to my nerves whenever the movie made jokes about things that people criticize about Disney; like at one point one of the characters says to Splat (the "animal" sidekick of the movie) "It's so cute! I wanna merchandize it-

or in another scene the father and his dad say "What kind of game has no bad guys?" "That's just poor storytelling." THAT'S NOT FUNNY DISNEY. YOU BEING AWARE OF YOUR PROBLEMS WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT DOESN'T MAKE THEM OK.

also, maybe this is just a pet peeve, but the transitions were so annoying. they were like windows-movie-maker type of transitions and they really killed the tone for some of the scenes.

overall, not a really good time. but not a really bad time either. it was a really mediocre time.

the good thing is that now i've finished my Disney marathon, so that's great i guess!! it's not even all of their movies!! but who cares, i'll probably rank them anyways!!

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