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Terms Of Service (updated)

byi & dni ^^

dni  :  basic dni, the never ending list of com + proshipers, homo(trans)phobes, racists, zionists, fujoshis/yaoi/bl obsessed girls, bong lovers, charlie charlie (HII DIO <3), ppl w no ages on their accs "minor" doesnt tell me anything, any1 under 14 or above 18 (i change the ages every time i get older lol)

byi : i love ghosting ppl, i love ranting, im very blunt, i type in all caps most of the time, i won't know i did something wrong unless u tell me, ask if u need tone tags, i block and unadd if i see something i dont like (i wont give u a reason either), i do not like venting so dont expect me to be nice to u if u vent to me.

more !!!

1) i block suicide baiters / people who ONLY vent ^^!! i could not care less abt yall but doing the same shit every week gets a bit tiring. 

2) hypersexual people just dni in general

3) chronically online, other kin, shift kin, shhhh, uhh people that wanna be called puppy/kitty self, people who self diagnose themselves w psychotic or personality disorders especially when ur not even old enough to have them, will not be added (/ will be blocked)

4) i will not be putting a tw on my art, idc wat it protrays. please keep this in mind b4 interacting.

5) ANY1 w a hazbin hotel pfp or anything made by viv I REBUKE THEE (the fandom disgusts me) 

 if ANY of my views and bounderies offend u feel free to unadd me ^^ !!!


i got nothing against people that use neo pronouns but im just not calling u a fucking puppy or kitty. Like i got friends who use neos, i got no problem w them, like shit im friends w a mf that uses vamp as a neo. im just not comfortable w calling some1 a puppy or kitty. 

Just bc i enjoy body horror (drawn gore) does NOT mean im fine w gore enthusiasts adding me. u will be blocked bc i do not tolerate that shit.

vent acc actually just piss me off, like its ok to vent but y r u trying to follow me on ur vent acc... i do not wanna see that dawg

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