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I think I met an angel or some other being.

Yesterday I got on the bus and a lady tapped me on the shoulder, smiled and asked if I was OK. I wasn't feeling too bad yesterday so I doubt I looked prominently sad. 30 seconds later she stood up to go downstairs even though we weren't anywhere near the next stop. 

I felt very jumpy as I later walked home. I doubt it was anything supernatural, but another part of me entertains the idea that she wasn't what she seemed.

I like thinking that she was an angel. I have been struggling with suicidal ideation for the past 2 months, and the inane possibility that she was not of this world delivers a sense that something is looking out for me. And that makes me feel relief.

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ichika ★

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maybe it was, at the end of the day the unviserse is always looking out for us in some way and you will never be truly alone because there will always be people you can find solidarity and comfort in. i struggled with the same thing in the past and i luckily overcame it because i realized how fucking insane it is that im actually on this earth amd like an actual breathing human being and that this may be the only time i can expierience it so i may as well make the most out of it yk? i hope youll feel better soon <3

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