My best friend in need

My friend, who I’ll keep anonymous, is having a rough time and I’m trying to do everything in my power to help them. I’m not giving up on them but it does feel so back and forth it’s starting to wonder if I’m helping at all. That’s not their fault at all because they don’t need to reciprocate any sort of triumphant feeling right now and I don’t expect them too, but maybe from an outsiders perspective am I doing the right thing?

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I think you are a great friend, a lot of people would not care if there "friends" are having a hard time, I think because a lot of people start friendships as long as it benefits them and then drop them if there having a hard time.
I know what the feeling is like and i will say that you should keep helping them, but you have to think about yourself too if they are also bringing you down its not gonna be good for both of you.
Just don't blame yourself when things are getting worse cuz of what I read you genuinely care about them and probably already put a lot of time and energy into helping them.


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For real I just wanna be there for them and sometimes it’s hard but I do love them truly with all my heart

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I get that, just don't let yourself go because of that. u can just message me if u need to vent.

by littleashtray; ; Report

That’s sweet of you thank you so muck

by ʙʀᴀɴᴅᴏɴ; ; Report

ofc ;)

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