Poem I wrote for class :3

Title: Outcast

I know I diverge from my peers                                                    

Individuality is both a virtue and a menace 

I've come to accept it, after many tedious tears 

Even if some think I bear malice 

I’ve decided not to play the imposter 

For I don’t want to be known as a knave 

That kind of acting would get me an oscar 

And i don’t like to rave

When I speak out, they see it as treason 

Like i’m causing a strife 

But they never have a reason 

They look at me like i’ve ruined their lives 

They see me as someone full of wrath 

Except I’m not, i’m just glum

They think I’ll cause scathe 

But I cite poems for fun

They’ll bludgeon me into uniformity’s cold clutch 

No matter how many times I try to atone 

They just won’t budge

But this is something I’ve known

It’s really a site to see

For they’re angered by just my presence

It’s incredible how vile they can be

They won’t accept apologies or even presents

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You're super talented! :D

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