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tri-monthly life update: mid july version

been a hot second, huh?

anyways, I guess it's about time I do one of these. not a whole lot has changed (besides quite a bit). i've finally found a job at a local bar. good people, kinda crappy pay, and basically nothing for hours. for the rest of this month, I work twice. needless to say, I'm on the hunt for another job. a local grocery store needs help in the deli, so I'm hoping to get something there. capitalism is just the best, ain't it?

as for tech updates, i've changed quite a bit of stuff. i have 96.1 the edge, a fake LPFM station "serving" Sioux Falls. this is the only station I've produced bumpers for, and although they're cheesy, they're the right kind of cheesy. i've added quite a bit of stuff to the emporium's playlist, given it a new logo, and updated the webpage to be more unhinged (check it out here). i've added some stuff to The River's playlist, and ByteTalk and Wave have yet to get any love from me in the form of new content. i've been thinking about turning ByteTalk into more of a "niche talk" station, mainly because I can't think of any other tech-related shows to add to the library (and because I'm really tired of hearing This Week in Tech).

for further life updates, I'll be going to college in just over a month. I'll be going into audio engineering (what a surprise), with an aspiration to go into broadcast engineering as a career. I've got a little bit of "behind-the-scenes background experience know-how", so I'd definitely be a good behind-the-scenes broadcast person. I know how to run a camera, I know how to audio, and I'm sure anything else I need to know can be easily picked up with a little on-hands experience. about the only thing I need to get better at is the typical electrical engineering stuff, troubleshooting is probably going to be a decent part of my career.

anyways, that's about it for this month's update. be back in a couple months when I eventually remember this site exists.

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