dream log bcus i wanna remember <3

tw for pictures of guns 

dream #1 

cant remember how it started particularly, but i remember my father lecturing me about something. cant remember how, but we ended up doing quests and cool stuff and my relationship with him improved as the dream progressed, like we were really bonding with each other. i VIVIDLY remember a adventure where we were on a pirate ship and he stood at the front and held a sword up and i was behind him (but i was looking at him from the ocean. it was like someone was shooting a movie and i was watching it so the perspective was not mine) and i thought he was very cool. anyways after all the cool stuff we had dinner on a REALLY long dining table and we were on opposite sides and we were talking and laughing and it was good. then suddenly i thought about the dream (in my dream) and REALISED i was dreaming. 

"youre not real are you?"

i asked him that and i started to cry. he just smiled sadly at me while the dream was LITERALLY melting upwards. he said something to me but i couldn't hear it. then i woke up at 4am because it made me so sad :(

dream #2

heres a dream i had in kindergarten!! i woke up from sleep in my dream and was excited to go to school. my family was getting ready and all that (also my aunt, grandmother and grandfather live with me in the dream for some reason??) but the entire time i was getting ready for school, i felt like my pillows were watching me and i felt SUPER uneasy. anyways, went to school and had a good day. came back and still felt watched and hated it. 

the pillows fucking came to life. not joking, it was nighttime and the mfs ROSE up and started attacking me. my entire family was somehow prepared and my father(?) flipped a switch and our store room became A FUCKING WEAPON ROOM??

like this:Pinterest

but more red lights. like literally, red LED lights everywhere. anyways 5yr old me got geared up and starting blasting these fuckers, foam flying. then the leader, this normal pillow, came on me and started CHOKING me out. thought i was gonna die but i woke up

now that im writing this all down im kinda concerned that for almost all my life i was uneased by the thought of someone watching me... like just noticed child hariki was scared of the same things teen hariki are, of being stalked and watched, but yk... sure its fine lmao

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