introduction of me

I'm going to doxx myself lol

I like being called "Darien", although most of my friends call me "Mei", it comes from my deathname, but it doesn't bother me. I'm an Aquarius, ENFP.. although sometimes I doubt it, whatever. I am 16 years old, I am in high school and for obvious reasons I live with my parents, I have 3 siblings, none of them live with me, two of them are girls, they are half-sisters, and my brother died 6 years ago, I miss him to be honest, although I hardly remember his voice.

I just got out of a relationship, I lasted a year and a half with her, she was a trans girl, we broke up because she was too immature, like, literally a 5-year-old girl, how annoying. 

I have a group of friends, fortunately hehe. In high school I met a lot of people who made me happy, I just finished my first year, in 2 weeks I start the next one, In my high school it's only 2 years, so in a year I'll go to college

I don't look like a guy at all, only me and my friends know I'm trans, my parents would kill me if they found out, they always hoped to have a daughter, and when they finally did, I came out trans lol. I only know that they hate trans people, I also know that when they thought I was a lesbian I felt like I was living hell, all the time I was like "that guy confessed to you and you rejected him? I'm sure it's because you continue with that stupidity that you like women, you're a machorra"

I love drawing, since I can remember, just this year I wanted to improve, I want to buy a graphics tablet, I would be so happy, but my dad is sick and he doesn't want to put half the money, I wouldn't feel bad for him if I were you, he's in his 70s, always an absentee-present alcoholic dadI mean, he's always lived with me, but he went to drink and came back horrible, that's why I... hate him? I don't know if it's the correct way I feel, but it's the closest.My mother was abused by him, he met her when she was 15 and 30-odd, he tricked her into being a couple and blah blah blah, they had my brother and they had to get married, the worst decision to be honest

My sisters are from my father's side, he had them in his old marriage, they are cute, but they are like 3 years apart from my mother, fucking pedo💀

I think that this is the best introduction I can do, I mean, I obviously have good things, but this blog will only be to vent, Don't expect something good from here

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