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underrated asian post-hxc !!

teeny weeny disclaimer ;; post-hardcore is an EXTREMELY broad genre and i wanted to be able to showcase my favorite core bands in one post... pls don't get mad at me you salty little elitists. i probably listen to more metal and post-hxc than you anyways (#`д´)ノ ....


HAII AGAIN... the long-awaited 3rd music blog... i started a new job about 3 months ago so ive been HEAVILY procrasinating finishing this for many weeks.. i doubt anyone's been impatient to see my new blog but ill say sorry anyways :P...

i wanted to do something a little different from my last blogs, i didnt really go into how much any of the bands meant to me as a person and it probably would have made it a little more interesting to read ... but the descriptions will be a bit longer for each band so if youre not a fan of it, theres semi-colon'd sections of the post where you can get some ACTUAL info about the bands ... and as always ill put my favorite song and album at the end of every band's description!!

i also want to start this off by saying this blog took me awhile to conjure and brainstorm as im not the best with words and explaining my feelings over a BLOG post... but ive tried my best and please give me some helpful criticism if you'd like to see something more out of these!!

without further ado...

if youre NOT into emos with even more flair, technical riffs and breakdowns, or any form of punk/hardcore... click here and never come back :D......


girugameshcountry of origin ;; japan

microgenre ;; visual kei (nu-)metalcore

oh boy-o where to begin with this band full of beautiful men... uhhhh...
i started listening to this one when i was around 13 or 14, i dont really feel like doing the math on what year that was but it was definitely near the end of their career and the sudden disappearance of Satoshi (the vocalist) off the internet.. but they were a huge staple on post-hardcore in japan, mostly the post-emo audience. they even still have an influence in music today!! one of my favorite deathcore bands' drummer (the next section here actually ;3) was personally mentored by Ryo (girugamesh's drummer).. you can even see his drumset in some playthrough videos that Kanta has uploaded on DEVILOOF's official channel
not only has this band created a standard in the scene that most bands couldnt have ever topped, they created a special spot in my heart personally (and lots of people can probably relate). the songwriting is beautiful, spoken from the soul of Satoshi's heart truly, and frankly i dont know if there will be as great as a songwriter like him in japan's post-hxc scene again (i say in this scene specifically because i will never disrespect MUCC of their position on the songwriting tierlist in japan LOL).. 
i know theyre hardly underrated compared to most of the bands on this list but i felt the need to showcase them in all their glory because they genuinely deserve a spot somewhere in the top 30 greatest metalcore acts in the world,,, unless im just biased ;3

favorite song ;; 「 Drain 」

favorite album ;; MONSTER


deviloofcountry of origin ;; japan

microgenre ;; visual kei deathcore

i LOVE this band, easily one of my favorite japanese bands ever (besides maybe girugamesh HEHE)... they are a lot more of a recent debut than most bands but theyve probably made a WAY bigger impact on deathcore than other japanese dxc bands... most reactions on youtube ive seen are basically whiplashed like 20 times listening to them. DEVILOOF is the epitome of going from 0 to 100 then back to 0 and then to 100,000 in a span of like 1 and a half minutes. you will probably never find a vocalist as mentally insane as Keisuke. from his outlandish outfits (usually even more intense and creative than his bandmates' outfits/makeup), to his vocals going from low gutterals to LITERAL SCREECHING and then to weird fucking mic tricks, and then back to low gutterals in a singular fucking verse. this guy is probably constantly in a state of hyperactivity (at least when hes making music, because jesus christ man). the songwriting is brutal, the rest of his band is ALMOST as equally as hardcore as he is.. theyve never released a bad album (even if DYSTOPIA is slightly mid... its still not even bad).
honestly the amount of love i have for DEVILOOF goes beyond words at this point, theyre so innovative and extreme, ive never seen a band have as much energy as they do (except for some kawaii metal acts but thats because theyre pop-metal hybrids.. theyre supposed to have a fuck ton of energy ya know?).
anyways 10/10 band and Keisuke is pretty fucking cool. im begging on my knees for you to listen to them.

favorite song ;; 「 Newspeak 」

favorite album ;; Devil's Proof


crossfaith country of origin ;; south korea

microgenre ;; electronicore / trancecore / melodic groove

ok yes i know thats a lot of fucking genre names but thats literally how unique they are as a band.
even "fear, and loathing in las vegas" cant even come close to how intense Crossfaith is.. and theyre in the same microgenre bracket... sort of XD... 
theyre pretty controversial in the metal community honestly, and i dont really know why. i know a lot of metalheads have an issue with more mainsteam genres (like edm and pop) but its not like these guys are an industry plant or even just good ol POSERS.... theyre just metalheads who wanted to make a different kind of sound of metalcore. a lot of reviews on the metallum encylopedia (please never take that site seriously kids, i beg you) say that they have too much of a skrillex feel to them... and the only reason that Crossfaith SOMEHOW got accepted onto that site is because their early stuff was groove metal (a microgenre of thrash sort of,,, its complicated)... so im giggling at how appalled these oldhead elitists reacted to them being accepted many years ago and how they feel about electronicore HAHA.
anyways i wanted to say, i discovered this band around when i was like 15-16, and ive always wanted to see them live but they NEVER do north american tours which is so funny. but my stepdad bought me a ticket to a concert in england and gave it to me as a gift since the specific printing of the ticket was like a limited time thing and worth a lot even 5 years after the concert passed HAHA. and yall might think thats cruel but honestly it was a really nice gift, i didnt care that i couldnt go, its in a frame in my stuff LOL.... 

BONUS IMAGE !!!!!!...... enjoy my desperation.

enjoy my desperation

favorite song ;; 「 Catastrophe 」

favorite album ;; XENO


go-zen country of origin ;; japan

microgenre ;; g*regrind / p*rnogrind

yes i know this is grind and not technically core yada yada go fuck yourself, grind is still a post-hardcore punk genre you fucking technicalist. 
anyways trigger warning for.... well everything. dont listen to g*regrind if you are sensitive to extreme violence... yeah... anyways.
the amount of love i have for bands like this (ya know the ones that fuse their love for H*NTAAAAAI, g*re, and grindcore)... its fucking beautiful. this whole band changed my LIFE. and NOT in the best way possible. it simultaneously RUINED my LIFE and made it BETTER. i honestly have no words for how this band affected my music taste other than the fact that they were basically my gate-opening-beginning-eye-opening band to like everything in the asian grindcore scene. 
please listen to them, theyre so fucking funny and its catchy unlike a lot of western grind....................

favorite song ;; 「 Kotona O*gy 」

favorite album ;; Hitoshizuku

before yall ask why i included the last band if it was going to be to discreet and short.... listen to my favorite song and youll see why... if you dont like it then CRY.... its really good ;3;...

anyways big thanks for checking out my blog.. make sure to read my other ones if youre interested in more music and if you want to see me cover any genre/microgenre, then comment it below and ill TRY my best to gather my lil autism collection into a blog :)

LOVE U!!!!!

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