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NIMONA was GOOD! (vague spoilers)

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some Nimona thoughts :-)

tw: suicide mention

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OMG, the animation? the found-family trope?  the LGBTQ+ representation? the HEAVY themes it deals with, such as depression and suicide??

this movie was a BANGER! how can you not love a story where a trans-coded kid helps a gay man slowly realize how corrupted and evil the government he works for is?!

i really liked how well the characters worked with eachother; Nimona and Ballister had a very good chemistry that reminded me of the "i don't want anything to do with y- oops i'm a dad now" trope. the comedic timing, pacing, and plot of the movie really made it stand out from the rest, since it didn't follow a lot of clichès.

definitely the best Blue Sky Studios movie for me! (just riiiiight next to The Peanuts Movie and Robots)

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