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A tragedy hath befallen me


Now I have to go downtown for my appointment and I can't blast music in my ears at unholy volumes resulting in temporary tinnitus

I don't know how I'll live </3 /lh 

Unironically though something I've noticed is that I've always greatly underestimated my sensitivity to noisy environments and I just didn't think about it until I started learning about my autism and learning to accommodate myself. I've never been fond of headphones and I just never thought of ear plugs as an option so I never pursued any kind of noise cancellation growing up. I always blast music super loudly in my ears because it drowns out the entire environment which makes it less stressful on all my other senses, plus music is calming anyway. Music is a big sensory seeking experience for me and I never noticed how much I regulate myself with music. I get extremely irritated when my ear buds break and I never knew why it bothered me so much. I do have ear plugs now though, it's not nearly as good but it's something! Thanks to the power of Amazon I should have new ones tomorrow. 

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