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some facts about me (´꒳`)♡

hihi!! i'm nana, how are y'all doing today? <3 hope everybody is having a nice day actually this is only to try hehe so here we gooo ( ´ ▽ ` ) some facts about me !

♡ i have three cats and two dogs hehe it's all bc they're so cute

♡ i really wish to live far to the country, in a landscape with all my babies and the nature

♡ idk if you already noticed but i love cats so muuuch pls i just want to squeeze them

♡ i love strawberries, i could eat strawberries every day without getting tired, so delicious

♡ i like to spend time with my family and friends, i really feel so heal with them

♡ this is a secret but i literally wear pajamas when i arrive home from the college and also every day, i just only wear my casual clothes when i go out hehe i know i'm not the only but i feel akward writing this >_<

♡ i love to sleep

♡ i love to dance, i feel so free and i forget all intrusive thoughts... dance forever!!

♡ i adore plushies, even if i turn eighty, i will adore plushies

this is only an experiment hehe

luv luv

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