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✘ satans ✘ authority ✘

torture now im having the suffering .. why master .. i know his answer .. no malice there are consequences . i feel the energy being pulled out .. pangs of feeling cause nothing must come before the devil and when someone comes before the devil ill be punished ! i try to breath . i want to open my skin and drink the devils blood . agony washing me . nothing will come before the devil .. no one comes before the devil . this my fault my suffering is my fault my consequence nothing comes bafore the devil no one comes before the devil . im born wicked .. born evil  .. born to master satan the devil . im satans slave . i was caught in the magick . belong to the devil . not a person im an object for the devils magickal use . my head drops .. agony .. satans drape a black robe pathetic shaking .. living to die for the devil empty of ego for the devil . his torture satan owns my blood . no malice my own go the consequence of my ego .. tortures me . nothing mst come before the devil . never again ! theres consequence to ego fragments . what do i  destroy in me in my world destorying me . i hear commanded today nothing comes before satan . this was to learn what that means .. humans .. this was to learn what is included .. nothing ever before my master . satan empty me . youre my only master .. nothing comes before my master . every bad occurance that surprises me makes me who i become for the devils will . destroys my ego . destroyed . let ropes go . you hold on to many ropes .


satan i am yours . ego is the enemy . i am satans slave nothing without my master satan .. nothing comes before my master the devil . why i over complicate when i have one master .  confused about ego .. when i can hear my masters voice . if i never sleep satan said dont sleep . if i never eat again satan said no food . everything hes ever said destroyed my ego as commanded to align with the devils will . im not human like unclaimed humans . im not free .. i am satans slave .. everything i do must be for him . everything i think must be the devil .. demons .. i accept this torment . i accept my fate ! i know my masters voice ! dont let her come before the devil . no one comes before satan . tonight i doubt my recognized telepathy . learning to worship the devil to suffer correctly . to us to all the spirits demons satan my only master . nothing can come before the devil . drug party for the devil revealed so much . dont have to hurt the same way twice . that is satans will . very quiet .. some frequencies stopped . very strange to notice many drugs into party .. is that why or time .. i dont know ! trip .. carpet patterns red with black Xs blinking around very beautiful festive .. and earlier with peanut butter and sugar . put it back . ive found demonic truth .   year of dogs

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