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basic dni criteria!! linked here

proshippers . font users + typing quirk users (i use a screen reader sometimes and it makes it harder for me)

dsmp/qsmp, ranfren, tcc fans

fetishise gay men - non nwlnw/gay people who consume boy love/yaoi, looking at you fujoshis!

engage in cringe culture 

cishet neurotypicals

anti neopronouns/xenogenders

pro israel/anti palestine or neutral

anti furry, therian, (other)kin

anti recovery (including feeding into delusional attachments)

use the r slur and/or believe it's reclaimable

harringrove, stancy, hellcheer, mungrove shippers + billy hargrove fans, apologists, kins, delusional attachments, source attached introjects

irl gore consumers

glorify criminals, cough cough tcc fans. freakos!

 thin ice

thin ice basically means dni unless i do/i would prefer not to interact with you

south park fans

gore fans

people who use gay as an umbrella term/use gay on themselves if they are not nwlnw


may add to this!!

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