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hello everypony

hi guyz its me xime xP. im new here & i really hope i actually post on here. I used to have a tiktok where i posted things for like a week but i kinda dont use it anymore. i also had a cute diary app but i stopped using it 2 sooo,

i go by ximena adoreii ( hee men ah, adore ree) online but thats not my real name lol. i was born in 08, pronouns she/her and idk im just looking for a new hobby. i want 1 thing from here and its to be famous!! ive actually always wanted to be a blogger and stuff ever since i was younger and read dork diaries for the first time. i wanted to be nicki so bad!! (tho looking back she had a terrible case of main character syndrome) 

i wanna just be myself on here and post whatever, but i hope a lot of u like my stuff and maybe subsribe to my blog or however it works B) i will be sharing thoughts and stories and otheer stuff idk who or where to tell! i think im a very creative person so ig i can finally share some stuff here. 

anyway i just wanted to introduce myself before i post any actual blogs sooo 

c.u. l8er >3<

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