8 Tracks (a thing I wrote in like, 2020/2021)

Warning, this is old, and thus, kinda cringe

a quick preface, I have not made anything like this before, this is the only thing I've made like this, and my main thing is film, this is from when I wanted to be an author, before I realized I wanted to be a script writer/director. I made this and it's just been sitting on my computer, so I thought I'd share it here rather than just let it collect dust


this story is intended to be read alongside listening to an album I found in 2020/2021, which I will link here: Album

each chapter correlates with a song, and I wrote each chapter while listening to each song on repeat. And thus, without further ado, enjoy:

Track One: Lust Riders

I walked down the street, my headphones digging into the sides of my skull as the song blasted its overwhelming bass into the soft crevasse of my ears. It was loud enough that I couldn't hear them advancing from behind. I turned around out of sheer paranoia, and that's when I saw them, three bikers comprised of nought but mere shadow, racing toward me.

I quickened my pace to a sprint after seeing them, the puddles I cascaded through casting mirrors of liquid across the empty city night. I turned into a dark, musty alleyway, abandoned by the view of anyone who passed by it, I sprinted over the soggy cardboard, atop the littered plastic, through the cascading shadows of the buildings aside me. I wouldn't dare sneak a peek at my pursuers, lest I risk them catching up.

I exited the alleyway into another barren street, feeling the vibrations of their bikes advancing on me as I continued my wild sprint, I just had to reach the end of the song. as the music crescendoed, reaching the end of this weary chapter, the bikers finally reached my back. I felt the frozen air from them behind my neck, my hairs standing on end as the music came to a close, I turned around, the bikers had vanished, as the next track began.

Track Two: The Love Market

I quickened my pace as I entered a bazaar, the beat of the song shaking the very fibre of my being. I sat down in a chair in front of a kiosk for a quick rest, when I saw the woman behind the counter. She had nothing on, lest one counted her sultry skin and hair black as the void in her empty eyes. She stared at me and seemed to say something, but I couldn't hear her over the sound of the song. Her empty eyes stared holes through my soul and shot daggers through my heart, I felt like I couldn't breathe, and before I knew it, she was on top of me.

I laid on my back on the cold, wet pavement of the street, I felt her hands as they caressed my stomach, moving their way up to my chest. they were remarkably cold, in fact, eerily so. I perched my head up with what little strength I had, to see the woman as she split her face into quarters, revealing a mouth, not unlike that of a blossoming flower, teeth lining it all the way around. I crawled away on my back, startled at the sight, her body contorted, limbs broke, the cracks shook the ground.

I looked to the other vendors for help but realized they were all identical to the woman, and they were all staring at me. I clambered to my feet as the other women followed in the first's footsteps, converting into beings of impossible natures. I ran as fast as I could to the other side of the market, my legs had never moved that fast in my life, I could feel their feet as they shook the ground beneath me, once exiting, the music ended, I turned around to face the beasts, and the bazaar had vanished. I decided to run into a nearby building, seeking refuge. as the next track began to play.

Track Three: Mirror Slave

I stumbled into the building, which seemed to be simply just a public restroom, the floor was wet and sticky, the air was humid and rank, lights flickered, and only one of the stalls had seemed to be occupied. I walked over to the mirror and took a look at myself. The headphones had dug into the sides of my head with shadow-like tendrils, inhibiting me from removing them and ending this madness, forcing me to endure this fresh hell I had stumbled into. The walkman was also stuck in my pocket, so there really wasn't a way of ending this other than weathering through the storm.

I took a deep breath of the musty bathroom air and closed my eyes. I splashed my face with some water from the tap and laid my head in rest. I looked back up to the mirror to see myself, and to see feet shuffling underneath one of the stall doors. I didn't think much of it, but I couldn't take my eyes off of them, something about them seemed too...familiar. the worn-out sneakers, blue and black, not the most fashionable, but they did the job, and the job was walking. torn up jean bottoms, rips from past scuffles and bar fights, but they weren't broken enough to be rid of them yet. and that's when it hit me, those were my shoes, and my pants, I only wish I had made this connection before the door had started to open. the stall opened, and I slowly took in the grotesque creature in the mirror, wearing a puffy, scuffed up winter jacket despite the fact it was a hot summer night, a band t-shirt even though they had broken up years ago, it all matched what I had currently been wearing, but when I got to the face, it differed, it was nothing but a smooth plate of flesh, expressionless, emotionless, featureless flesh.it just stood there, facing forward as I watched it in the mirror as I slowly built up the courage to turn around and face it. 

I shifted my foot on the ground, the squeaking of my torn-up sneakers sliding on the tiled floor filling up the silent room. Shifting my weight onto the one foot, I slowly turned around toward the stall, bracing myself for whatever came next, praying that in my deafened state, the thing hadn't moved unbeknownst to me. I looked at the open stall, and nothing was there, all at once, a feeling of relief and unease spread over my body. I turned back to face my reflection, but I didn't see myself, I saw it. it was standing, in place of me. mimicking my every move perfectly, I waved my hand, and it waved it's. without thinking, I reached out towards the mirror and gripped its hand, and it gripped mine. its grip was cold and sharp as if one grabbed a shard of broken glass. I felt it cut my skin, but I couldn't release my gaze from the expressionless face, it squeezed harder and harder as my brain screamed at me to let go, but my hand just wouldn't cooperate. suddenly. I could feel it pulling me closer with every passing second, I seamlessly passed through the mirror as if it was never there, and I felt it's aura as my face inched closer and closer to its own. suddenly, as quickly as it had begun, the music stopped, and the thing was gone, I found myself standing before my reflection, in complete silence. I left the bathroom, shaking, as the next track started.

Track Four: Data Sluts

I found myself within a room filled with countless computers, terminals, and wires. each monitor showed static, and the wires spread out from beneath each terminal or computer. My eyes immediately drifted over to a glowing red sign above a door on the opposite end of the room. I walked briskly over to the other side of the room. stepping on cords and wires, only caring about the potential freedom behind the door. But when I turned the handle, I found that my hopes had been unnecessarily high and that the door had been locked. I hit my head on the metal plane and listened to the music, unbeknownst to the horrors I would soon face.

I felt a sensation, slowly finding its way up my leg from the floor, I paid no mind to it at first, but then it was felt on the other leg as well, and both arms. the feeling of a spiralling movement moving up the arms toward my torso, I looked down to see what it could be, to see the cords and wires, writhing and slithering up my appendages like tendrils on a squid, the tendrils spun me around to face a giant creature of female appearance, comprised of wires and cords, constantly moving and slithering, with a monitor where the head would be, displaying one, open, empty, soulless eye, staring at me. the tendrils lifted me off the ground, they seemed to be coming from the beings undercarriage, and they pulled me closer to the monitor, the eye frantically looked me up and down before displaying, in shakily written block letters, the word 'DENIED'. the head began shaking frantically, and a crack split the monitor in two, but it remained on. the monitor bisected to reveal a gaping maw with sharp, jagged teeth, the tendrils slowly inched me closer to the mouth as I wriggled in an attempt to be set free. I was placed into the creature's maw, I closed my eyes and prepared to be eaten, accepting my fate. The monitor snapped shut around my torso, but nothing happened, my headphones played nought but silence, the song had ended, I was dropped to the floor and all the electronics had disappeared. I clambered to my feet and got my wits about me. I turned to face the door, which was now open and dashed through. as the next track began.

Track Five: Liquor Pheromones

I ran out of the office and took in my surroundings, the street was as desolate as ever, the asphalt was soaked in the dew of the rain just passed. I stumbled across the street and wearily entered the only building with any semblance of light around, a liquor store. I wandered the aisles, trying to find something that might take the edge off of this whole thing, finally landing on the vodka. I uncapped the bottle and took a thick swig, my eyes shot open and I spat the liquid onto the fluorescent-lit floor, I didn't know what it was, but it sure as hell wasn't vodka, as it hit the ground, it seemed to solidify and formed a small cube, which just sat there, taunting me.

 The cube seemed to turn into all sorts of colours, from clear, to cerulean, to magenta, to azure, all before landing on a deep black. One couldn't make out the edges or shape of the cube as it sat there, that's how black it was, but that wasn't the worst part, the worst part was the smell. it reeked of pure death on the street, covered with roadkill and shit. the smell invaded my nostrils and caused my eyes to water, I instinctively dropped the bottle of vodka and the liquids spilled seemed to be attracted to the cube, joining it, and conjoining into one giant mass. the mass knocked over the shelves adjacent to itself, collecting more and more alcohol, and growing bigger and bigger. The mass seemed to reach out and grab my foot, in a panic, I wiggled my foot out of my sneaker and backed up. The sneaker instantly liquified and joined the writhing mass and it's growing stench. the odour was so horrific it made my brain boil, I needed to get out of there.

 I ran to the next aisle over, but the mass had already spread across the entirety of the store in the short period it had been there. I searched for another way out, but I only spotted one, the ventilation shaft on the ceiling. I climbed a shelf and reached for the grate. I gripped the panel and wrenched it off, dropping it to the now mass-covered floor below. I lept into the vent from the shelf, and as soon as my foot left the surface, the entire store was completely covered in the substance. I pulled myself up into the vent and began crawling through, looking for an exit. soon, I turned a corner and came face to face with a light at the end of a tunnel. I began crawling frantically toward it, hearing the ventilation shaft behind me contort and succumb to the substance consuming it. I had almost reached the light when the vent broke beneath me, I just barely caught myself on the edge of the hole it created, leaving me suspended over a writhing mass of an unknown substance. I attempted to pull myself up, but something grabbed my ankle, I turned to face it. the substance had made a safe path so a shadowy figure could walk safely to me, it was wearing a store clerk's uniform and was holding onto my ankle with a vice-like grip. I wriggled and shook as much as I could in my precarious situation, but it wasn't of any help. I attempted to kick at the creature's face, and it was knocked back onto the floor, holding my other shoe. I took the opportunity and clambered back into the vent, now shoeless. I crawled to the end and fell out onto the street. the song ended, and in the silence, I could swear I heard the shriek of the being through the vent, muffled by the headphones' padding. I glanced back up at the vent opening, but there was nothing but a brick wall to stare at. the next track began.

Track Six: Shallow Attraction

I stood up from the ground, finding myself back in the sopping wet street. I rested my hands on my knees and took a breather. I looked down the street to my left, to see movement, but I couldn't quite pinpoint what it was exactly. I moved closer to it and went slackjawed, the street was cracking and crumbling, before falling into what seemed to be a shallow void of black liquid below it. I spun around and sprinted as fast as my legs would take me away from the crumbling street, the buildings either side of me had all the lights on, but no doors. My feet had been getting tired by that point, but I couldn't stop, or I'd be sleeping with the fishes. I glanced up at the lit-up windows of the adjacent buildings as I passed them, to see silhouetted figures of shadow, pointing down at me on the street, and laughing, one in each window, in every window, laughing maniacally. I couldn't let anything stop me now, I had come so far, this was almost the end. 

The silhouettes began throwing trash, and random items like lamps and sofas down at me to halt my progress, but I wasn't going to let them stop me. I vaulted over couches, dodged falling vases, endured the occasional blunt force trauma, but I never halted my sprint. as I approached what seemed to be the end of the road, the silhouettes seemed more and more frantic with their throwing, throwing sinks and bathtubs, they had stopped laughing now, and they seemed to just be screaming, but I couldn't hear anything over the sound of the music, I could only go off of the way they looked to deduce what sounds they made.

I had almost made it to the end when a silhouette burst forth from the building to my left and started sprinting toward me. it was one at first, then two, then four, then ten, until every silhouette had left their homes and began chasing me. my legs were aching, my feet were in agony, but I couldn't end this mad dash just yet, I was almost at the end of the street when I failed to notice the open manhole cover. I tripped and fell straight into the hole, sending me tumbling into the infinite black void, the song ended. and the next track began

Track Seven: Monster Models

Tumbling, falling, scared, alone, in the endless void, waiting to hit the bottom. I found my mind racing as the musty wind raced past my face, as the beat of the music shook me to my very core. amidst the black, I could swear I could make out some types of figures. Feminine bodies, inhuman eyes, contorted limbs and sprawled apart faces. it was the bazaar all over again, they hopped out of their little crevasses in the sides of the tunnel, and began falling toward me, at inhuman speeds.

I couldn't believe what was happening, I closed my eyes in fear and shock, to try and find some temporary sanctuary from this fresh hell I'd found myself in, I crumpled into a ball, and practically glued my eyelids shut. my sanctuary of loneliness and darkness was ten times better than whatever was going on outside of my brain. but no matter how much I tried to hide, the music always found me, it clawed its way through my barriers and tore apart everything I held dear. I had nothing. I had no one. all I had was the music. the song ended, I opened my eyes, the ground rocketed into me as I did so, cracks of my bones and the sound of blood spatter echoed throughout the tunnels I had just died in. as the next track began.

Track Eight: Queen Ov Material Happiness

My body jerked and convulsed as the music played through the headphones, my body parts all finding their way back onto my torso, organs refilling my insides, the blood began pumping again. my face slowly regenerated and my brain un-splattered. I woke up with a jolt, taking in a swift inhalation as I did so. I slowly got up from the stone floor, brushing some dirt off of my jacket as I looked down at the clean ground. the monsters had vanished, I was all alone again, with nowhere to go but forward.

I walked through the tunnel, a sense of calm crashing over me like a rising tide. My hands lay in my pockets as I sauntered through the cavernous sewer system, I began wondering what may lie ahead, certainly, it couldn't be any worse than what I had already experienced that night, I adorned a cloak left hanging near the entrance of a large, stone room as I entered. the skeletal remains of a being long since dead sat atop the throne, my brothers and sisters all kneeling beneath it, bowing their heads at the overpowering greatness of The Old One. I watched from above as they worshipped, and spoke their rites, and just as they did so, The Queen began taking form.

Muscle encompassed bone and nervous tissue came alongside it, slowly, The Queen began to stand, in her greatness, she equipped her Blade. the skin began unfurling from every one of my brothers and sisters and wrapping around The Queen, their sacrifices creating the being of ultimate power, The Queen looked toward me, and beckoned me forth, I obliged gladly and knelt before my Queen, she knighted me as I knelt, and my body began to contort, horns sprouting, tail growing, spine stretching, jaw unhinging, I was becoming her loyal knight, this was told in the prophecies of old, as I was the only one to take up the challenge of the eight hells. This, was my purpose. This, was my home. This, was my life. This, was the will of The Great Queen. And as her will is my own, I will stand alongside her as she rips this world apart at the seams.

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