peacefulness and cooking


lately my grandfather has been cooking a lot of food! and it's really nice. he was sick but bounced back despite having a compromised immune system and such; but he's been doing so much!!!

he made me some bucatini carbonara which was very tasty, as well as chuck roast yesterday.

i feel like my life has been more peaceful as of late which is always nice...

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I'm glad things are starting to look up for you, sunstar :]
It's wonderful news that your grandfather is back and kickin' it!

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โ‹†หšเฟ” van ๐œ—๐œšหšโ‹†

โ‹†หšเฟ” van ๐œ—๐œšหšโ‹†'s profile picture

that's wonderful to hear ^^ to me, there's nothing more wonderful than eating a meal someone else prepared for you with love :) my fondest memories are of meals my family or friends cooked. wishing u luck and continued peace for the future~

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(โ™กฮผ_ฮผ) thank you so much !!!

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